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Thank you for visiting.  This site offers an informative book, toys and products, and other resources to help your baby learn to walk.

On My Own Two Feet: Helping Your Baby with Hypotonia Learn to Walk

On My Own Two Feet offers 50 games and activities to play with your child to promote development throughout various development stages.  The game and activity descriptions are supplemented with photo illustrations, safety tips, and toy suggestions to make each activity more fun and engaging for a child.

The book also provides an informative overview of (i) typical infant and toddler developmental timelines and warning signs that may indicate a developmental delay; (ii) possible medical expenses associated with developmental delays; (iii) the role of health insurance and government resources in covering part of the medical expenses; and (iv) other support resources for parents and families with a developmentally delayed child.


This site is not about rushing your baby to walk.  It is important to be patient with your baby’s development, but being patient does not mean you must be passive.  Parents should take an active role in their baby’s development.  Some babies need extra time to develop gross motor skills like walking, and other babies need special attention to overcome challenges that delay development.  In either case, there are many things you can do to help your baby walk.

Special Note to Parents: The information on this site is provided for educational purposes only and is not medical, healthcare or diagnostic advice.  Check with your pediatrician or a physical therapist to assess your baby’s particular needs and to determine the appropriateness of any physical activity or exercise regimen.

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Buy On My Own Two Feet Now!