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Most of the toys and products below are discussed in our Book in connection with games and activities you can play to help your baby walk. Click on a category name to jump directly to those toys, or simply scroll down to browse the whole list. These toys and products cannot guarantee your baby will walk, but they can guarantee to make the learning process more fun. Each product may be purchased through this site from Amazon.com.

Activity Tables – to encourage standing
Play Kitchens – to encourage standing, kneeling, crawling, and squatting
Jumpers and Bouncers – for building leg strength
Blocks and Tunnels – for making obstacle courses
Toys to Pull or Chase – to encourage crawling, cruising and walking
Toys to Ride or Push – to encourage upright motion
Rocking Horses – to promote balance
Walking Wings – for parents to assist first steps
Exercise Balls and Steps – for specific movements discussed in the book
Baby Floats – for water activities
Outdoor Play Sets – to slide down and climb up
Other Toys – to make certain activities into “games” as discussed in the book

Special Note to Parents: The products offered on this site are for informational or recreational purposes only and are not guaranteed to achieve a particular therapeutic result. When selecting products, make certain the products are age appropriate for your baby. Issues such as product returns, refunds, exchanges, defects and warranty claims will be governed by the terms of purchase with Amazon.com and its vendors. Check with your pediatrician or physical therapist to assess your baby’s particular needs and to determine the appropriateness of any physical activity or exercise regimen.

Activity Tables - To Encourage Standing.
Play Kitchens – To Encourage Standing, Kneeling, Crawling, and Squatting.
Jumpers and bouncers – To build leg strength.
Blocks and Tunnels – To make obstacle courses.
Toys to Pull or Chase – To encourage crawling, cruising, or walking.
Toys to Ride or Push – To encourage upright motion.
Rocking Horses.
Walking Wings.
Exercise Balls and Steps.
Baby Floats.
Outdoor Play Sets.
Other Toys and Products.

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